Social Media 101


Date: 16-18 June, 4.00 -5.00 PM

The beginner’s Class about fundamentals of Social Media
Everyone knows social media is very important today and it’s very tempting to jump in the bandwagon and start a blog or Facebook page or an Instagram account. But it is very important and more successful to star with the basics. To understand what social media is and how it is best used.
We will walk through all major social media platforms, understand the terminologies and look at how best can it be used for small scale business.
You will learn the basics of most popular social media networks, understand the basics of using these platforms and be able to determine which platform will be best suited for your needs.
This course is for someone who has never used social media, small business owners and anyone interested in understanding social media.
Terms and conditions
1) कोर्सचे माध्यम इंग्रजी आहे.
2) एकदा प्रवेश घेतल्यावर तो रद्द करता येणार नाही, प्रवेश शुल्कही परत मिळणार नाही.
3) कोर्स ऑनलाईन होणार असल्याने इंटरनेट संबंधी तांत्रिक जबाबदारी संबंधितांची असेल.
4) कोर्सचे युझरनेम आणि पासवर्ड अहस्तांतरणीय असतील.
5) नाशिक न्याय कक्षेच्या आधीन.
वरील नियम व अटी मला मान्य आहेत.

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